15 Places to Visit in Guyana

Top Places to Visit in Guyana

Guyana is not a typical vacation spot for those who like to party hard and let their wild side loose. Well, this country is not really strict but their landmarks and tourist attractions are all linked with their way of living. They don’t have that many shopping districts or night life entertainment areas but for nature and historical landmark seekers, who needs the bar, right? Anyway, here is a Guyana travel guide with 15 of the country’s most important tourist attractions for your benefit.

15. Castellani House

The Castellani House was once a home to British government officials when they were still colonizing Guyana. Today, this late 19th century is a national monument and it houses Guyana’s National Art Gallery which was established back in 1993. The house was designed and created by Cesar Castellani. He was originally from Malta and decided to live in Guyana for he loved the place. The construction of the house started in 1879 and was completed by 1882. It is one of the places to visit in Guyana.


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