15 Places to Visit in Luxembourg

15 Places to Visit in Luxembourg

Luxembourg may be one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it’s well worth exploring. Bordered to the west and north by Belgium, with Germany to the east and France to the south, Luxembourg is a unique blend of neighboring influences and individual nuances. Boasting a fairy tale landscape as well as an assortment of sophisticated cities, there is no shortage of places to visit in Luxembourg to appease even the most particular traveler.

While popular pastimes include touring the National Museum of History and Art (NMHA), sampling bouneschlupp, the country’s national dish, or strolling the 105 shops and eateries of La Belle Etoile, the biggest shopping center in the region, here is a Luxembourg travel guide of 15 attractions that may have escaped your to-do list:

15. National Mining Museum, Rumelange

Guests are invited to inspect the tools, equipment, machinery, and documents of Luxembourg’s iron ore industry, beginning in the early 19th century and ending in the 1980s.

The underground galleries of the mine are presented in their original location, with additional lamps, helmets, measuring tools, photographs, and fossils on display in the above exhibition hall. The museum is open year round, with guided and independent tour options.

National Mining Museum, Rumelange

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