8 Places to Visit in South Sudan

Amazing Places to Visit in South Sudan

South Sudan is a “baby” country, so to speak. It is barely ten years old since it only separated and gained independence from Sudan in 2011. Forget what you see in movies about Sudan being an ultra-violent place. South Sudan is not like that and since it is a 6-year-old country, you may want to explore it. At least you can tell your friends about South Sudan and how you are one of the first people in your country to visit the place. For your guidance, here is a South Sudan travel guide.

8. Fula Falls

One of the places to visit in South Sudan is the Fula Falls. Sometimes, people refer to it as the Fula Rapids, Nimule Falls or the Nimule Rapids. Nimule is one of the towns near the falls and that’s why the locals call it as such. Fulla or Fola Falls are falls on the Baḥr al-Jabal, a body of water which is part of the Nile River that touches South Sudan. The falls are 6.5 kilometers away from Nimule and have a drop of 20 feet maximum.

Fula Falls

7. Mbarizunga Game Reserve

Mbarizunga Game Reserve which was created in 1939 is a landmark in the country. Not only that, this game reserve is also protected by IUCN or International Union for Conservation of Nature. It is a group that helps preserves natural sites in the entire world. As for the Mbarizunga Game Reserve, IUCN gave it a Category VI, which means a “protected area with sustainable use of natural resources”. It is a very small game reserve; about 10 square kilometers and its tropical rainforest contain animals like the Bongo, Bushbuck and Yellow-backed Duicker.


6. Kidepo Game Reserve

There are about 11 game reserves in the country as declared by the government and one of those places to visit in South Sudan is the Kidepo Game Reserve. Similar to the Mbarizunga Game Reserve, the Kidepo Game Reserve was categorized by IUCN as Category VI. It is situated in Eastern Equatoria which is near Juba City and was founded back in 1975. The whole game reserve is 1,200 square kilometers or 460 square miles – much bigger than Mbarizunga.


5. Southern National Park

Southern National Park, as the name explicitly says, is a national park in South Sudan. South Sudan only has six national parks and this particular park is visited by local tourists and some foreign people because of its popularity in the country. It is a rainforest with some rivers within – fishes like tilapia, lung fish, catfish, aba fish, Nile bichir and a few resident crocodiles thrive in the park. As for land animals, there are many like giant eland, Kordofan giraffe, Northern white rhino, and many more. You will enjoy exploring this 23,000 square-kilometer park.

Southern Park

4. Sudd

One of the places to visit in South Sudan is the Sudd. It is a swamp in South Sudan which is impenetrable by land but can be viewed from an aerial perspective. This is the reason why the swamp is called Sudd because in Arabic, Sudd means “obstruction”. No foreign man was ever known to have navigated the place going in from the neighboring wetlands. Is it a safe place to explore? Well, you can’t explore it through the swamp but since it is a historical place in South Sudan, you can always take a selfie by the outer border or from the aerial view (if you can afford it) and tell everyone you’ve been there.


3. Imatong Mountains

Imatong Mountains is a mountain range in South Sudan which also touches the northern part of Uganda. The tallest peak in the Imatong Mountains is Mount Kinyeti. It has an elevation of 2,071 meters or 6,795 feet. The highest point was measured at 3,187 meters or 10,456 feet. Concerns of erosion on the slopes were raised regarding the Imatong Mountains. People abused the forests covering the mountain which is why it is in a state of threat right now. As of 2009, conservation projects were planned.


2. Bandingilo National Park

People often mistake it as Badingilo but nonetheless, the Bandingilo National Park is one of the places to visit in South Sudan. It is located in Equatoria, actually, Central and Eastern Equatoria touches the national park. The park has an area of 10,000 square kilometers or 3,900 square miles and was formed in 1992. Do you know what happens in an animal migration? The second largest animal migration each year happens in the Bandingilo National Park. If you happen to visit during that time, you are in so much luck.


1. Boma National Park

Boma National Park is the most popular national park in South Sudan. It is very near the border of Ethiopia and the IUCN gave it a Category II National Park status. Boma is very massive at 22,800 square kilometers or 8,800 square miles. It was launched back in 1986 and it has become a sanctuary for various animals such as the Mongalla gazelle, the tiang and the white-eared kob. Big mammals have also been spotted to raise a family here in Boma – Masai lion, maneless zebra and Sudan cheetah, among many others.

Boma Park

  • Ravindra Kadam