15 Things to do in Azerbaijan

15 Places to Visit in Azerbaijan

Nestled between Europe and Asia, the country of Azerbaijan seems to exist in two separate worlds. Ancient historical sites exist next to the rise of a modern civilization. Glorious mountains give way to the Caspian Sea’s shoreline. Azerbaijan’s rich culture and scenic destinations make it a popular spot for international tourists. Read on for the ultimate Azerbaijan travel guide, where we’ll show you 15 things to do in Azerbaijan.

15. Fazil Labyrinth, Sheki

This labyrinth dates back to the 4th century BCE. It was once used as a ritual sacrifice and burial site, and is open to the public today through appointment. Each burial site has a record in English, so you can navigate your way through the grounds without assistance. Travel through the angular brick passages that once protected the grounds from unwanted visitors and explore this favorite among Azerbaijan tourist attractions.

Fazil Labyrinth, Sheki

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