15 Places to Visit in France

Best Places to Visit in France

If you’re a romantic at heart, France is a lovely vacation destination. If you’re a history buff, France is a treasury of museums, art collections, and amazing architecture. If you’re a wine and food connoisseur, France is basically the birthing place of such pleasantries. France has something for everyone.

We often think of the Eiffel Tower when France comes to mind, but when you’re planning your European getaway, don’t limit your expeditions to one place. Here is a list of 15 places to visit in France that go beyond the capital city of gay Paris.

15. Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix

Nestled in the French Alps is a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif known as The Aiguille du Midi. This mountain receives over half a million guests per year just for the sights. Get up close and personal with this magnificent wonder of the world without having to put on your mountain-climbing gear. Your adventure up the mountain begins in Chamonix where you can board the cable car which holds the world record for highest vertical cable car starting at an altitude of 1,035 m and reaching 3,842 m.

Once you’ve reached the Aiguille summit, take in the (literally) breathtaking views as you sip on something hot at the café and peruse the gift shop. Even in the middle of summer, temperatures can dip to -10ºC, so make sure to put your toque and mittens on!

Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix

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