15 Places to Visit in Estonia

Best Places to Visit in Estonia

Estonia is an up-and-coming Eastern European tourist destination with interesting traditions and fun places at reasonable prices. The list of things to do in Estonia is lengthy. You could spend an entire vacation touring only the historic churches, or only visiting the parks and beaches. Here are 15 places to visit in Estonia that are worth your digital photos and social media updates, or for the low-tech traveller, Estonia attractions that you want to experience, learn from and talk about.

15. Hellenurme Watermill-Museum

Estonia offers many attractions that take you back to an older and simpler time. The Hellenurme Watermill-Museum in rural Palupera is a functioning water mill with machinery from the 1930s. The miller opens the water gate, and they demonstrate turning grains into flour and flour into bread. The mill is picturesque and traditional with a friendly staff that feeds you warm, fresh buns and drink. It is a relaxing and educational look at how flour is made and how water mill machinery works.

Hellenurme Watermill-Museum

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