15 Places to see in Belgium

Places to see in Belgium

Belgium is one of the most popular destinations in the world for its medieval towns and regal art-nouveau buildings. Located in Western Europe, the location has a rich history that makes for a learning experience with plenty of museums and attractions available. When planning a trip, there are a few places to see in Belgium when creating your itinerary.

15. Graslei and Korenlei

As one of the most popular places to see in Belgium, Graslei and Korenlei is a place to see people sitting out on the canal during the day and view the gorgeous buildings that line the river. Many of the buildings date back to the 13th century in a place that has incredible views of the city spires and towers. Graslei and Korenlei is also home to dozens of restaurants for those who want to have plenty of options on different types of cuisine.

One of the places to see in Belgium is Graslei and Korenlei

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