15 Incredible Places to visit in Greece

Best tourist attractions and places to visit in Greece

Luxurious resorts, charming coastal towns and iconic historical landmarks are just a few of the things that make Greece a special place. When you visit this fascinating European country, you will have the chance to explore a unique culture and take part in experiences that you likely could have never imagined. The splendor and versatility of Greece provide an ideal travel experience for anyone. While touring the country, there are a few notable places you will definitely want to visit. Here are 15 of the top places to visit in Greece.

15. Thessaloniki

Located in the northern part of Greece, this marvelous city features an interesting blend of modern and historical buildings. The White Tower, which once housed a prison during the Ottoman Empire, is one of the most recognizable local landmarks and adds further appeal to city’s picturesque waterfront. When you spend time in this city, you can also the check out the local markets to find great bargains on unique souvenirs. You may even have the opportunity to partake in a lively festival.

Thessaloniki beach one of the places to visit in Greece

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