15 Best Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

15 Best Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina would have not been a good place to visit during the mid-1990’s at the height of the Bosnian War conflict. Fortunately, tensions have subsided greatly, enough so that the area is considered as safe to visit as other places in Europe. Thanks to a long and interesting cultural history, world-renowned cuisine, and exquisite natural beauty, there are plenty of excellent places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The following list includes our top 15 choices for Bosnia and Herzegovina tourism.

15. Winter Olympic Facilities

Perhaps an offbeat choice on a list of things to do in Bosnia, the buildings and facilities built for the 1984 international spectacle have come to resemble a ghost town in the mountains above the capital city of Sarajevo. For example, the luge track is graffiti-covered and half overgrown with bushes. Consider it a cultural experience. Millions of dollars were spent to put on a bright face to the world for one shining moment. The lasting result? Questionable.

1984 Winter Olympic Facilities

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