15 Best Places to See in Czech Republic

Things to Do in Czech Republic

Landlocked between Poland, Germany, Slovakia, and Austria, the Czech Republic shares in the region’s long history of castles, beer, and bavarian culture. This former Soviet Union satellite country peacefully freed itself from that totalitarian regime in the aftermath of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. It didn’t take long for tourists to discover the breathtaking natural scenery and medieval fortresses that gave rise to one of Europe’s most fascinating histories. But where do you go and what do you do? Our list of the 15 best places to see in Czech Republic will not disappoint.

15. Castle Karlstejn

There’s something about a castle. This stone edifice was built in honor of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. Located southwest of the capital city, Prague, Castle Karstejn is one of the most visited Czech Republic tourist attractions in the entire country. If Gothic craftsmanship and soaring views over forested valleys in all directions is your thing, we suggest you not miss this castle. Climb the (not modest) stairs and enter the courtyard to behold the Big Tower and Chapel of the Holy Cross. The latter once served as repository for the Royal Jewels and Imperial Regalia of a long line of Czech kings.

Castle Karlstejn

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