15 Amazing Scotland Attractions

Amazing Scotland Attractions

Scotland is a country full of tourist attractions. They have castles. They have world-class museums. They have nature parks and theme parks too. There are a lot of things to do in Scotland and some of them are free but some are ticketed and require payment. Nevertheless, visiting the country will be worth your while. Here is a Scotland travel guide for you, in case you decide to view some of Queen Mary’s priced properties:

15. The Real Mary King’s Close – Edinburgh

A “close” in Scotland means streets and alleys underground. For The Real Mary King’s Close, it was built inside a rock wherein people from the 17th century lived and traded business. It was named as such because the most prominent resident in the close was Mary King.

The last living person who was forced out in The Real Mary King’s Close was Andrew Chesney. He had to evacuate the close in 1902.

The Real Mary King’s Close

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