15 Places to Visit in Saint Martin (Sint Maarten)

Amazing Places to Visit in Saint Martin (Sint Maarten)

Saint Martin or Sint Maarten is divided into two cultures – the Dutch and the French. Literally, there is this they call the Dutch side and the French side. The French side is liberated and the beaches there are open to public nudity. Well, if you are up for that, then here is a Saint Martin travel guide so that you’ll know which beach is ok to pose nude and which ones require a sarong over your body (yes, the Dutch side). Enjoy!

15. Emilio Wilson Park

Emilio Wilson Park is among of the places to visit in Saint Martin (Sint Maarten). It is considered one of the island’s notable landmarks and it is located at Saunders which is a little over 2 miles away from Marigot. The locals also call this park as Emilio Wilson Historic Park. Emilio Wilson was from a family of slaves and he empowered himself. He later on became a very wealthy and powerful person in Saint Martin and he bought the property on where the park stood now which was once a plantation where slaves worked for food.

Wilson Park

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