10 Places to Visit in Martinique

Best Places to Visit in Martinique

One of the smallest islands in the Caribbean that is worth visiting is Martinique. Yes, it has the one of the best beaches in the whole Caribbean but Martinique is not just about that. It is about the rum, the people, the food and the most notorious volcano in the history of the world. Now, are you intrigued? Here is a Martinique travel guide with 10 of the best places to visit in Martinique.

10. Pre-Columbian Archaeological and Prehistory Museum of Martinique

One of the places to visit in Martinique is the Pre-Columbian Archaeological and Prehistory Museum of Martiniqu. Ite was established back in 1971 but the structure it is in has existed since the 19th century. The building was once a barracks for military deliveries and at this day, they recognize it as a National Monument. As for the museum, there are about 2,000 relics within which were collected back in the late 19th to early 20th century. The oldest of the relics dates back to 4,000 years.


9. Habitation Clement

The Habitation Clement is a sugar cane plantation located in Francois, Martinique. This is the only plantation in Martinique that welcomes tourist visits and they even provide tours within the plantation. The staff of Habitation Clement explains to the tourists everything about rum; the antique way of distillery and also the Creole culture. The property is beautiful. Aside from the rum aging rooms, people can also explore the gardens and the homes within the habitation.


8. Centre de Decouverte des Sciences et de la Terre

Centre de Decouverte des Sciences et de la Terre or Discovery Center of Science and Earth is a science center which mainly features the 1902 volcanic eruption in Martinique. They talk about volcanology and seismology to their visitors – it has a hall to showcase their Planet Earth collections and to teach people what the collections are all about. Anyway, it was founded in 2004 by the General Council of Martinique and it is one of the places to visit in Martinique.


7. Musee de la Banane

One of the most visited tourist attractions in Martinique is the Musee de la Banane or the Museum of the Banana. There are not many banana museums in the entire world and that’s why, when you get to encounter one, it is a very curious and interesting visit. Martinique has one and it is located at Sainte Marie. The whole museum is well-organized – for example, there is a whole house for Cavendish alone and all the other types of banana that they have. There is also a restaurant within the museum which must be tried, according to vacationers who have been there.


6. Depaz Distillery

The Depaz Distillery is erected in what used to be a sugar cane plantation. This area was cultivated as early as 1651 and is in Saint Pierre which used to be the trade center of Martinique. Jacques Duparquet, the first governor of Martinique, commissioned for the Chateau Depaz to be built and then, the sugar cane plantation became a rum distillery. But it didn’t escape the wrath of Mt. Pelee in its eruption in 1902. After more than a decade, the last surviving member of the Depaz family rebuilt the distillery and it is how it stands today.


5. Chateau Dubuc

There is a castle ruins in Martinique called Chateau Dubuc and it is one of the places to visit in Martinique. It was owned by the Dubuc de Rivery family sometime in the 18th century and the castle back then was really lovely. The castle had stone walls but it was generally made of rubble. What tourists love about this site is its perfect location atop a hill and with an ocean view – the wind is so fresh and for those seeking some type of relaxing tour, this is it. The tour on the property asks for a small fee, though.


4. Carbet Mountains

Carbet Mountains are like baby volcanoes. There are five ranges all in all in the Carbet but they are not as “notorious” as Mt. Pelee. The mountains are one of the natural tourist attractions in Martinique because it can be the venue of an adventure-filled mountain trekking experience. Many climbers begin at the Le Morne-Vert – they can also explore the tropical forest herein. Some try the most difficult route and start at Lacroix. After the climb, tourists go to Attila spring for a relaxing bath.


3. St. Louis Cathedral, Fort-de-France

St. Louis Cathedral is Fort-de-France’s Archdiocese for the Roman Catholics. The cathedral was sanctified in 1895 and is considered a National Heritage Monument in Martinique. It was designed by Pierre-Henri Picq in Gothic Revival and Romanesque style. The most notable features of the cathedrals are its grand organ, intricately designed walls, stained glass windows and iron baluster. There is also a crypt underground which protects the remains of some important people in Martinique back in the day.


2. La Savane des Esclaves

The La Savane des Esclaves or the Savannah of the Slaves is like a reconstruction village of how the people of Martinique used to live. It is one of the places to visit in Martinique and it welcomes tens of thousands of visitors each year. The village is located at Trois-Ilets and the whole purpose of this recreation is to “preserve their culture and heritage”, according to the one who built the area named Gilbert Larose.


1. Mount Pelee

The most notable landmark of Martinique and also the most famous natural tourist attraction in the island is Mount Pelee. This volcano is very well-known because of its 1902 volcanic eruption and earthquake aftermath. Most of the people in Martinique perished in that natural event; in fact, it ended the lives of 28,000 residents living in Saint-Pierre at that time. Some of its immediate neighboring towns were affected to. Would you believe that only two people survived the ordeal? Anyway, climbing, hiking and trekking the volcano is allowed provided that there is a certified guide handling the tour.


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