Top 15 Countries with Longest Life Expectancy

When traveling around different regions, learning about the most basic things will prepare you for various experiences. The life expectancy of a country is one of the fundamentals to take into account. How healthy a population is determines a lot about a country. Expectedly, the areas with the longest life expectancy have several traits in common. A high standard of living is one factor that increases longevity. In countries where the populous eats healthier, has access to excellent healthcare, doesn’t get civil unrest, and where the crimes rates are low, people tend to live longer. On average, WHO statistics show that women in almost all regions live longer than men. The longest life expectancy for females is 73.8 while for a man is 69.1 years. In general, WHO reports that life expectancy has improved significantly, especially in the African region. Here are countries with high life expectancy rates according to recent data from the World Health Statistics

15. New Zealand – 81.6 Years

New Zealand

The life expectancy rate in New Zealand is 81.6 years. This country has always been a champion of social welfare as evidenced by her history as the first to allow women to vote in 1893. In 1898, the nation started providing old-age pensions and in 1907, instituted a child welfare program. The country has strived to improve the life of her citizens with programs for orphans, widows, and the elderly. Unemployment and health insurance policies have also contributed to the high life expectancy. New Zealand is also renowned for her liberal social policies like legalizing prostitution and same-sex marriages, making for a happier populous. Sports and culture also play a critical role in the society with cricket and rugby being top earners.

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