Top 10 Countries that Censor the Internet

Countries that Censor the Internet

Having internet in your home or on your smartphone is supposed to be a normal thing nowadays. We live in the 21st century and “the net” is part of being in the future. In fact, internet is a life line. But how come there are some countries in the globe which control what goes on in their internet sphere? Can you imagine life without Spotify, YouTube or Facebook? Here are the Top 10 Countries that Censor the Internet because their leaders want to or because they really have to:

10. Cuba

Most internet cafés in the country are owned and run by the government and not everyone have the capacity to use it – physically and financially. How come? The government charges $8 if you want to use the internet. An average citizen in Cuba earns $20 a week. Ack!

Furthermore, only government employees can upload content on the internet and there is IP blocking, keywords filter and yes, no YouTube people. Even the browser history is checked by the government.


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