5 WORST Countries to Visit as a Tourist

Most travelers may assume that the world is their oyster when it comes to visiting new destinations, but there are still several places that can prove to be dangerous or unenjoyable. From high levels of crime to crowded areas, there are several countries that are not worth the trip when you want to have an enjoyable stay. To ensure that you have fun on the next vacation that you take, there are a few countries to avoid as a tourist.

5. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is known as one of the most poorly managed countries in the world, but many people continue to visit the local for its beautiful and lush environment. Although the natural surroundings may be picturesque, there are a few other factors that make it a place to avoid while on holiday. The Asian country is known to have a significant amount of pollution and standstill traffic in the capital city of Dhaka. Rivers, ponds, and the air in Bangladesh are all polluted and are a health risk for both locals and visitors. The country is also highly populated, which makes it difficult to get around and increases the risk of theft for those who are new to the area. Corruption is another problem that makes it an undesirable place to visit in each season.

Bangladesh one of the worst countries in the world to visit as a tourist

4. Somalia

Somalia is one of the poorest nations in the world and has plenty of slums in Bossaso where crime is commonplace and tourists are often targeted. Here, you’ll find human trafficking, drug smuggling, and illegal arms dealing in a location that doesn’t have a lot to offer to its visitors. Many ships are also targeted by pirates on the water. Those who want to visit beautiful beaches and enjoy a low-key location are better off finding another African country to travel to with their family.

Somalia Pirate

3. Tuvalu

As the smallest country in the world, Tuvalu is a member of the United Nations that can feel secluded for those who want an escape. Unfortunately, it’s a location that is quickly dwindling and can be washed away in the coming decades. Tuvalu is only seven feet above sea level and is difficult to reach. Tourists often need to take one of the two flights each week from Fiji to reach the destination, making it inconvenient to travel to for those who aren’t flexible with their itinerary. You may see sea turtles and tropical fish while exploring the island, but there aren’t a lot of beautiful beaches or tourist attractions at the location.

Tuvalu the sinking country

2. Jamaica

Jamaica is a popular destination for world travelers but is considered to be an unsafe place to visit. The extreme poverty in the area has caused tourists to be victims of theft, including stabbings in the slums. Tourists can enjoy parasailing and swimming with the dolphins in the tourist locations, but it can be difficult to take excursions without making yourself a target when exploring the area. This can make it easy to have cabin fever for those who resort to staying at their hotel in an attempt to stay safe.

Jamaica ghetto

1. Afghanistan

Many people include Afghanistan in their travel plans for the gorgeous attractions and scenic roads that are available, but the country should still be avoided for its political and economic conditions. It may be a great place to see a sporting event or indulge in the authentic cuisine, but the tension that is present makes it a dangerous place to explore. The country was hit badly by the political war, which causes tourists to compromise on their safety once they arrive.

Afghanistan war