15 Things to Do in Tajikistan

Best Things to Do in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is not your regular tourist destination. Only a few people find it appealing to visit a non-resort country like Tajikistan but for a courageous backpacker, this country is a haven. Most of their landmarks and attractions are from nature like valleys, hills, mountains and lakes. On top of these peaks, attractions are present such as temples, stupas, ruins and more. Here is a Tajikistan travel guide for you, should you decide to explore the country.

15. Dushanbe Zoo

The Dushanbe Zoo is one of the highlights and most popular landmarks in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. It is situated in Dushanbe and locals love to spend weekends there bonding with their kids. There are around 120 species in this quaint zoo and that is 700 animals all in all. As a tourist, you are allowed to take pictures of the zoo and the animals plus it is also recommended to eat their national dish called the “Pilov”. One of the things to do in Tajikistan is to visit this zoo.


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