15 Things to Do in North Korea

Things to Do in North Korea

War and the country’s campaign to their privacy have tainted the tourism factor of North Korea. But this is where people are wrong about it. North Korea is longing for tourists and travelers to visit their nation. They do require visitors to secure a tour package first with at least two tourist guides to accompany them around the country. This is mandated by law and non-citizens cannot go around the country without a guide. That being said, here are 15 of the top tourist attractions and things to do in North Korea – hoping this North Korea travel guide will persuade you to explore the exotic country.

15. Heaven Lake

Heaven Lake is a crater lake which can be found in Paektu Mountain. (Paektu Mountain is shared by North Korea and China and it is the top three most visited attractions in the country which will be featured later on.) It is believed that the caldera was formed due to a volcanic eruption in the 10th century. The lake turns into ice from October to June.

A folk story involving the lake is being told to kids in North Korea that a seal-like creature called Lake Tianchi Monster lives there.

Heaven Lake

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