15 Things to Do in Jordan

Things to Do in Jordan

Some people think that Jordan is not a place where one can explore. That’s where they’re wrong. If you know where to go and if you know what places to see, your time in Jordan will be well spent. There are so many things to do in Jordan that a traveler like you will surely enjoy. You can climb a religious mountain, bathe in hot springs, see the world’s most expensive cars and visit historical sights. For your guidance, here is a Jordan travel guide which contains the most visited landmarks in the country.

15. Wakalat Street

The Wakalat Street is also called the Al-Wakalat Street. It is a popular street in Jordan because of it is the shopping area of the Sweifieh district. One of the things to do in Jordan is to visit this place.

This is the only street in Amman wherein you can freely stroll and no cars will pass through. Actually, it was renovated in 2007 so that Amman could have its first pedestrian street. Today, people enjoy the place by chilling in an outdoor coffee shop. Sometimes, there are alfresco art and photography exhibits.


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