15 Great Things to Do in Afghanistan

Great Things to Do in Afghanistan

Afghanistan right now is in the process of rebuilding and restoration. It was under a lot of damage because of the wars that it had to endure plus the sporadic appearances of Taliban followers in their cities. With this, the country has experienced a gap in their tourism. But if you are ready to see what Afghanistan has to offer, there are a lot of mosques and ruins that can be explored and visited. This is our Afghanistan travel guide for you if ever you feel the need to visit the country.

15. The Ruins of the Buddhas of Bamiyan

Visiting the ruins of Buddhas of Bamiyan is one of the things to do in Afghanistan. It was once a top tourist destination and it used to have 5th century statues of Buddha engraved on a cliff. UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage Site and inscribed it as Cultural Landscape and Archeological Remains of the Bamiyan Valley.

Today, if you visit the ruins, you will not see the statues as it was destroyed by an extremist who had this radical idea that the art is promoting idol worship. On a happy note, the statues will be rebuilt and some nations have provided their support for it.


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