15 Places to Visit in Oman

Best Places to Visit in Oman

You could say that Oman is an open country and it is not as strict compared to Saudi Arabia. But there are certain restrictions. Even if you’re not Muslim, you can’t wear revealing clothing and super short skirts. Women must ride at the back of the car or the cab and alcohol consumption is regulated. Other than that, you can enjoy Oman and the many interesting attractions it shares with the world. This is an Oman travel guide list, just to make sure that you will cover the most important places to visit in Oman.

15. The National Museum (Sultanate of Oman)

The National Museum (Sultanate of Oman) was founded in 2013 and the purpose of it being established is to educate everyone of everything about Oman – everyone being citizens and tourists and everything being the past, present and future. The museum has remnants from people living in the country as early as 2 million years ago. It has fourteen permanent exhibitions too which includes The Land and the People Gallery, the Oman and the World Gallery and the Splendours of Islam Gallery, among others. One of the places to visit in Oman is this museum. You have to include it in your itinerary.

National Museum

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