15 Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

People in Bangladesh are very accommodating and friendly, according to tourists who love this Asian country. The food is something new to discover and the ancient buildings are just divine to witness. It is a nation full of recorded history as early as 1st century BC. People who look for adventure will surely appreciate Bangladesh with its rich heritage mixed with fairly modern services .

With that being said, this is your Bangladesh travel guide as compiled by Wanderlust15 to let you know the best destinations this country has to offer.

15. Dinajpur District

One of the oldest towns in Bangladesh is Dinajpur which was established in 1786. There are many attractions to see in Dinajpur that a tourist like you might be interested in. The most visited building in Dinajpur by travelers is the Kantajew Temple, an 18th century Hindu Temple. Another monument to appreciate is the Nayabad Mosque. It was consecrated in 1793 and the building itself is oblong. You may also like to visit the ruins of the Ghughudanga Zamindar Bari. It was devastated in the Bangladesh Liberation War.


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