15 Best Places to Visit in Myanmar

Best Places to Visit in Myanmar (Burma)

People in Myanmar are mostly Buddhists but it doesn’t mean that if you’re not a Buddha follower, you can’t visit the country. On the contrary, they want people from all walks of life and religious beliefs to explore their lands and see their riches which are the temples. Yes, temples! If you decide to go to Myanmar, you will be temple-hopping. Now, here is a list of 15 attractions, mostly stupa, compiled by Wanderlust15. We hope that this Myanmar travel guide will help you navigate your vacation to the country once called Burma.

15. Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue

One of the places to visit in Myanmar is the Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue. It is a place of worship for the Jews in Myanmar and it is an important landmark of the country because it is the only one and last remaining synagogue located in Yangon. The Jewish temple is Orthodox Judaism affiliated and it was consecrated in 1896.

It was built back then because a lot of Jews from Baghdad went to Myanmar and decided to live there. They asked for a place wherein they can pray and that was its beginning.

Musmeah one of the best places to visit in Myanmar

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