15 Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan

Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan

Pakistan is a Muslim-dominated country with at least 95% Muslims residing within. Tourists entering the country are mostly from United Kingdom, United States, India and China and as of late, they welcomed 530,000 foreigners who spent at least $308 million in the country. It just shows that the numbers are slowly increasing as compared to ten years ago and that Pakistan is becoming a tourist destination because of its many historical landmarks. Speaking of landmarks, here is a Pakistan travel guide compiled by Wanderlust15 for your travel assistance:

15. Patriata

Patriata is a hill situated in Punjab, Pakistan. In order to get to the station, locals and tourists ride the cable car system. It is one of the places to visit in Pakistan because it is a tourist attraction, a certified landmark and a place where Pakistan can boast to its visitors that they have something naturally amazing. The air up there is cool and the ride going up the hill is truly exhilarating – one can see the many beautiful effects of nature. It can also bring you peace of mind.


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