8 Places to Visit in Gabon

Best Places to Visit in Gabon

Not a lot of people know that there is a country called Gabon in Africa. It is a small nation with only a million residents within and tourist attractions are not that abundant or well-spent, as well. They do have some important landmarks in which a travel hungry person like you wouldn’t want to miss. If roaming around Africa is your goal, then, this Gabon travel guide will familiarize you on which places to visit in Gabon.

8. Lastourville Caves

One of the places to visit in Gabon is the Lastourville Caves. These caves are the main tourist attraction located in Lastourville, a city in Gabon. They used to call this city “Mandji” and back then, it was a slave trade center. Anyway, the caves are inscribed in UNESCO as the “Caves of Lastourville”. It is in the tentative list for now with criteria of iii, vi, vii and viii. The caves occupy 9,000 hectares all in all.


7. Mont Iboundji

Mont Iboundji is a landmark in Gabon and a tourist destination as well. It is said to be the tallest mountain in the country with an elevation of 1,575 meters or 5,167 feet. Mountain climbers strongly suggest to other enthusiasts on climbing this peak. They say it is a beautiful challenge to take and the trip up is truly worth it. But if you are a beginner, it would be best not to hike this mountain and opt for shorter mountains.


6. Chaillu Mountains

Chaillu Mountains is a mountain range that touches not only Gabon but also Republic of Congo – it is one of the places to visit in Gabon. The mountain range was discovered by a French surveyor named Paul Du Chaillu and it was named in his honor. The Chaillu Mountains was documented back in the 19th century. Mont Iboundji is part of the mountain range and is the highest peak in the area. There are also at least seven known rivers in the range namely Louesse, Ikoy and Lolo, among others.


5. Bateke Plateau National Park

Bateke Plateau National Park is among of the national parks in the country and it is situated within the Haut-Ogooue Province of Gabon. The national park was founded back in 2002 by the National Agency for National Parks. All in all, the Bateke Plateau National Park has an area of 2,034 square kilometers or 785 square miles. Also, this national park has a Category II status from IUCN and UNESCO added it on their tentative list, as well.


4. Akanda National Park

Akanda National Park is again another national park in the country and is one of the places to visit in Gabon. There are thirteen national parks in Gabon and Akanda National Park is a mangrove-filled and tidal beach environment type of park. The park is in a coast line and IUCN acknowledges it as a “critical site”. They also call it the Red List of Threatened Species which means the national park is being protected and conserved at all costs because of what it contains. It was established back in 2002.


3. Loango National Park

The Loango National Park is a tourist attraction in Gabon which is home to Iguela Lagoon, which happens to be the perfect example of an African lagoon structure. This lagoon system is also conserved and protected since it is within the park grounds. Like all the other national parks in Gabon, it was created back in 2002 by the same organization, the National Agency for National Parks and it has an area of 1,550 square kilometers.


2. Lope National Park

Lope National Park is one of the most famous national parks, tourist destinations and places to visit in Gabon. The grass savannahs of the Ice Age which happened 15,000 years ago can be seen in Lope National Park. This national park is also part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site because of the Okanda Landscape. It was inscribed as Ecosystem and Relict Cultural Landscape of Lopé-Okanda with criteria of iii, iv, ix and x. It was designated as such back in 2007.


1. Pointe-Denis Beach

The Beach of Pointe Denis is a destination in Gabon that tourists escape to when they want to totally relax. This place was named after a tribal king, King Denis Rapotchombo, and it is considered a posh place since the beach is home to rich people in Gabon and a few Europeans who have rest homes there. Anyway, the best things to do in this beach are to bask and swim, snorkel or to try some motored activities like jet ski and boating.


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