8 Places to Visit in Equatorial Guinea

Amazing Places to Visit in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is not your typical holiday trip or ultimate vacation destination. You will get down and dirty here in Equatorial Guinea. There are no posh resorts or 7-star accommodations. That’s not what Equatorial Guinea is all about. The experience in this country is not similar to other tourist destinations. You will get sweaty, smelly, tired but fulfilled. If you are fond of sightseeing that involves hiking, trekking and climbing, then, here is an Equatorial Guinea travel guide for you.

8. Bata

Bata is one of the places to visit in Equatorial Guinea and it is the biggest city in the whole country. This city is a port city – the Bata Airport is there and it used to be the capital city of Equatorial Guinea. There are two known universities here and these are the Colegio Nacional Enrique Nvo Okenve and the Colegio Español. You can also enjoy the beach in Bata since it is located within Rio Muni and of course, the Atlantic Ocean. It has the Bata Church too and a city to go to when you are looking for a fun night life.


7. Mongomo Basilica

The Mongomo Basilica or the Basilica de la Inmaculada Concepcion de Mongomo or Basilica de Mongomo is a church located in Mongomo, one of the provinces in Equatorial Guinea. This is not yet a cathedral. People mistake it as such because of its massive size but it is of Roman Catholic affiliation and is the second biggest Roman Catholic Church in whole of Africa. It is also the biggest place of worship within Central Africa.


6. Carboneras

There are not many beaches in Africa and if you can get the opportunity to bask under the sun while in Equatorial Guinea, then, you must do a side trip to Carboneras. It is one of the places to visit in Carboneras and it has the famous Playa de Carboneras where the locals frequent for their “beach day” needs. The place is near Punta Cristina and the capital city of Malabo – so if you are thinking about visiting the place, ask a local tour guide to accompany you.


5. Luba Crater Scientific Reserve

Luba Crater Scientific Reserve or Reserve Científica de la Caldera de Luba is a tourist attraction in Equatorial Guinea. The place is a protected area meaning it is being conserved because of its natural value. All in all, the scientific reserve has an area of 51,000 hectares or 130,000 acres and there are many other attractions within. There is the Bioko volcanic island and the reserve is also filled with pristine forests that are untouched while the wildlife is maintained as is.


4. Monte Alen National Park

Monte Alen National Park is a national park located at the middle of the country and it is one of the places to visit in Equatorial Guinea. The national park is under IUCN or International Union for Conservation of Nature and it has a status of Category II National Park. It has an area of 770 square miles or 2,000 square kilometers and with that, it is the biggest national park in Equatorial Guinea. This park was founded back in 1990 and two of the tallest mountains in the country are also within the park.


3. St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral

When in Equatorial Guinea, you have to pass by St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral. It is a popular tourist attraction in Equatorial Guinea and the church is termed by the locals as Catedral de Santa Isabel de Malabo or Catedral de Malabo. This place of worship is of Roman Catholic association and it was constructed back in 1897. The architect of St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral in Malabo was Luis Segarra Llairado and its name was inspired by St. Elizabeth from Hungary.


2. Pico Basile

Pico Basile is a mountain peak in Bioko Island and it is one of the places to visit in Equatorial Guinea. This mountain has an elevation of 3,011 meters or 9,879 feet. The prominence is the same, as well. The last know eruption of Pico Basile was in 1923. It’s not really an active volcano, per se, but it is a shield volcano which means that Pico Basile is made of lava flows. The volcano is near Malabo and if you are on top, you can see a panoramic view of Cameroon.


1. Moca Valley

Moca Valley is being visited by many tourists going to Equatorial Guinea. These tourists are not all foreign since some residents of the country from other parts tour the valley as well. The biggest attraction in Moca is the Cascades of Moca. There is also Lake Biao and Lake Loreta – two of the lakes located near the village of the Buki Tribe which is both equally clear. What people do here is that they hike the lower and upper grounds of the valley to be able to enjoy all the natural sights within.


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