8 Places to Visit in Chad

Best Places to Visit in Chad

You are probably wondering, “There is a country in Africa called Chad”? Well, yes there is and it is unlike the other countries you will be visiting in Africa. This is a country which is a combination of Sahara and Safari – if you understand what that means. And it is very small with just a few million residents living within. Anyway, if you like an adventure that is not common for Safari/Sahara travels, check this Chad travel guide.

8. Emi Koussi

One of the best places to visit in Chad, Africa is Emi Koussi. It is one of the country’s volcanoes and a pyroclastic shield volcano at that. A pyroclastic shield volcano is a unique kind of volcano because these volcanoes display rather extreme and truly explosive volcanic eruptions. In the whole world, there are only ten pyroclastic shield volcanoes and there is only one in Africa. Emi Koussi has an elevation of 11,302 feet and prominence of 9,626 feet.


7. Aloba Arch

Another scenic attraction and a landmark in Chad is the Aloba Arch. The structure is a natural arch made of sandstone, just like that of large arches in the Colorado Plateau of the United States of America. This particular arch is the fourth tallest natural arch and the second widest arch since it spans more than 200 feet. The arch is actually 77 meters wide or 250 feet, approximately. It hasn’t been verified as of yet but if it will be done, it is the second longest arch after the one in Utah.


6. Musee National Tchadien

When in Chad of Africa, you have to pass by Musee National Tchadien. In English, it is called Chad National Museum. Everything about the country is within this establishment and it is one of the places to visit in Chad. It is located in N’Djamena, the capital city of Chad and national museum was founded back in 1962. If you plan to go there for a tour, you will be exploring four divisions – the Prehistory room, the Protohistory room, the Archives room and the Folk Arts room.

National Museum

5. Tibesti Soda Lake

Chad is filled with lakes and the people in Chad consider lakes as their natural tourist attractions. One of their natural scenic destinations is the Tibesti Soda Lake. It is a saline type of lake meaning the water is mainly composed of Sodium Chloride (NaCl). There is a significant amount of water salts in the lake. Also, it is a soda lake which means that the lake also contains Sodium Hydroxide. It makes the lake special and different plus it is located near the Tibesti Mountains.

Soda Lake

4. Tousside

Tousside is one of the best places to visit in Chad and then again, it is a volcano. If some African countries are filled with national parks and nature reserves, Chad is different. It is full of mountains and volcanoes and Tousside is one of its landmarks. This volcano has an active status with an elevation of 10,876 feet and prominence of 5,226 feet. From the space, Tousside displays a black crater with tentacle-like impressions due to lava flows from previous eruptions.


3. Guelta d’Archei

The most popular guelta in all of Sahara area is the Guelta d’Archei. This guelta is situated in North East Chad and is within Ennedi Plateau. There are so many African native animals in the area such as the Crocodylus niloticus Laurenti or the Nile Crocodile and an abundance in camels. If you decide to visit the place, you will see old rock drawings which prove that there was once a village in the area. It will be a great adventure to see the Guelta d’Archei since you need to travel for 4 days from the capital city to reach the area where you can park. After that, you have to walk for a few hours because the vehicles cannot pass. Worth it? Very much so!


2. Lake Chad

As already mentioned, lakes are important tourist attraction is the country and one of the places to visit in Chad is Lake Chad! The lake is important to the country because it supplies their water and not just for Chad – it is also giving nourishment to other African states like Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria. The lake is on the threshold of the Sahara and it is the biggest lake in Chad.

You will just marvel at Lake Chad because it proves that the lake is a “living thing”. Reports have shown that the lake loses water and then, magically gains it back. How the lake does it – that’s the question no one can answer. It is also a Ramsar Wetland which means the lake is a protected natural lake.

Lake Chad

1. Zakouma National Park

The topmost tourist attraction in Chad is Zakouma National Park and it has an IUCN category II which means it is a simple, national park. This is the country’s pioneering national park which was created back in 1963 and it was also recommended by the Chadian government as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Until now, the recognition is still pending while the organization has to research of the park’s contribution and importance to the world. Tourists are visiting the park for its many animal species.


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