8 Places to Visit in Central African Republic

Top Places to Visit in Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is short on man-made and natural tourist attractions. It doesn’t have a lot of that when compared to other African countries but what it lacks in number compensates for the quality of each attraction and landmark. They have national parks and towns which are recognized by UNESCO either in the World Heritage list or the tentative list. To know more about these attractions, here is a Central African Republic travel guide.

8. Cathedrale Notre-Dame (Bangui)

One of the places to visit in Central African Republic is the Cathedrale Notre-Dame (Bangui). It is a place of worship for those who belong under the Roman Catholic faith. The cathedral is that of the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception which is the Archdiocese of Bangui in Central African Republic. It is considered a very sophisticated church with red bricks – French-inspired in architectural design. Since the cathedral is one of the country’s landmarks, an image of it is in the 1964 Central African Republic official stamp.


7. N’Dele

N’Dele is a town in Central African Republic that is frequented by tourists, local and foreign, alike. This town is very small with only 13,704 residents as of the 2013 census but it has at least two tourist attractions to boast of. It has the Tata or the Sultan Senoussi Palace and it is on top of a plateau which is overlooking the town. The other attraction is the Kaga-Kpoungouvou Caves where the slaves sought sanctuary in back when Central African Republic was colonized.


6. Rock Shelters of Toulou, Koumbala and Djebel Mela

Central African Republic is known for its rock shelters and in the whole country; there are at least three sites that contain these shelters – it is one of the places to visit in Central African Republic. The Toulou, the Koumbala and the Djebel Mela are the three rock shelters in CAR which also happen to have carved drawings or hand paintings. These paintings have different colors – sometimes it is black, ochre, red or white. Most of the drawings are that of human bodies in groups and there were some animals too like elephants.

Rock Art

5. Boali Waterfalls

From the capital city of Bangui, you must travel 43 miles before you can get to Boali, the town. In this town, the most famous attraction is the Boali Waterfalls. The falls is in its virgin state and the whole area is lacking of infrastructure which is great because it preserves the natural aura of the falls immediate environ. The falls is cascading at 160 feet while it has a width of 820 feet. There is a clear lake down below which tourists sometimes go down to, following a steep trail down – a worthy challenge, to note.


4. Andre Felix National Park

When in the Central African Republic, you must go to the Andre Felix National Park. It is one of the places to visit in Central African Republic as it is one of the tourist attractions in the country. The national park is one of the protected sites in the Central African Republic and since it is by the border, it is adjoining with Sudan’s Radom National Park. This protected national park was founded back in 1960 and in total; the park has an area of 951 square kilometers.


3. Bamingui-Bangoran National Park and Biosphere Reserve

The Bamingui-Bangoran National Park is not just one of Central African Republic’s national parks. It is also a biosphere reserve which means that the park has three ecosystems – coastal, marine and terrestrial. The national park and biosphere reserved rolled into one was established back in 1993 and it has a massive area of 1,070,000 hectares. There are so many animals living within the park and the most noted is the Red-faced lovebird.


2. Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park

One of the places to visit in Central African Republic is the Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park. It is a national park located at Bamingui-Bangoran with a total area of 17,400 square kilometers. The Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park is right by the border of another African country called Chad and it is also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The organization inscribed it as such back in 1988 with criteria of ix and x – the highest status for natural sites.


1. Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve

The Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve is another tourist attraction in Central African Republic. It is an IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Category VI protected area with sustainable use of natural resources site. This special forest reserve is being managed by Central African Forest Commission and was established back in 1990. The whole special reserve has an area of 6865.54 square kilometers. There are at least eight species of mammals living in the reserve freely and without danger.


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