7 Places to Visit in Guinea

Top Places to Visit in Guinea

It may not be a big country in Africa but if nature’s beauty is being talked about, Guinea can boast of natural attractions that can equal those of its larger counterparts. The small country is rich in mountain ranges, nature reserves and beach islands. Who wouldn’t want to go to these places, eh? You can trek the mountains, explore the nature reserves and bask under the heat of the sun in their beach islands – three different types of vacation activities in one Guinea travel guide. So, what are you waiting for?

7. Mount Loura

Mount Loura is truly one of the places to visit in Guinea. This is the tallest mountain in North Guinea as it measures at 1,573 meters or 5,161 feet. The peak is situated in an upland area of Guinea, West Africa and specifically at Fouta Djallon region. You will find this elevation in the northern part of the country and the nearest village of this tourist attraction is Mali-Ville which is approximately 7 kilometers away. On top of Mount Loura, one can see Senegal and Mali.

Mount Loura

6. Mount Richard-Molard

Another mountain tourist attraction in the country is Mount Richard-Molard. Mount Richard-Molard is a peak being shared by Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire since it is by the border of Côte d’Ivoire. The elevation of this mountain is 1,752 meters or 5,748 feet which makes it the highest mountain peak in the country. It is also part of the Guinea Highlands wherein some peaks are located at Liberia and Sierra Leone. They used to call it Mount Nouon but when an explorer accidentally perished by the name of Jacques Richard-Molard, they changed it in his memory.

Mount Richard

5. Grand Mosque of Conakry

The Grand Mosque of Conakry is one of the places to visit in Guinea even if you are a non-Muslim and more so if you are an Islam believer. This grand mosque was a gift from the great King Fahd of Saudi Arabia who funded the construction of this house of worship. It can accommodate 2,500 women on the upper floor and at most 10,000 men on the ground level area. The grand mosque was completed and has been used since 1982.

Grand Mosque

4. Fouta Djallon

Fouta Djallon, as mentioned a few attractions before, is a region in Guinea which has some attractions within and one of which is Mount Loura. The comments about Fouta Djallon are that it is always raining there and so the climate is often cold and wet. The rainfall then goes to the four rivers within the area (not necessarily within the territory of Guinea) which are the Tinkisso, Gambia, Senegal and Pongo Rivers. Apart from Mount Loura as a tourist attraction, the natives in the area are also worth visiting there as you will see their culture and lifestyle.


3. Sandervalia National Museum

Sandervalia National Museum is, as the name states, the national museum of Guinea and is one of the places to visit in Guinea. It is located in the capital city of Guinea which is Conakry and has been there since 1960. The nice thing about this museum is that you have to go through a park in order for you to reach the place. So, it’s like a 2-in-1 tourist attraction visit. You get to see a beautiful local park and explore a national museum in one go. Anyway, inside the national museum you will most likely view local and native antiques and some colonial period art pieces.

National Museum

2. Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire. The whole nature reserve is around 17,540 hectares and 12,540 of it belong to Guinea while the remaining is within Côte d’Ivoire. The two countries share responsibilities in managing the preserved area. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site with criteria of ix and x which is the highest criteria for natural attractions. Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve was designated as such back in 1981.


1. Îles de Los

One of the places to visit in Guinea is Îles de Los. Îles de Los or Los Islands is a group of islands near Conakry in Guinea. What is so good about these islands? Foreigners love to visit the place because of its pristine beaches with thick and lush forest backdrop. From Conakry, you can ride a ferry boat going to Los Islands. Los Islands is composed of three major islands – The Fortoba or Tamara, the Kassa and the Roume. There are little islands scattered around as well.


Los Islands