6 Places to Visit in Somalia

Best Places to Visit in Somalia

Somalia is known to be one of the most poverty-stricken countries in the whole world. The fact that tourists come to this country for a visit, it will help a number of people at a time – this could mean food on their table. It is not your typical vacation place. You may find the villagers and locals to be very unfortunate and you as a human being will feel that. With that being said, a Somalia travel guide may surprise you as to the places to visit in Somalia – also known as Somaliland.

6. Mount Shimbiris

Mount Shimbiris is one of the places to visit in Somalia and is a mountain peak located at the northern part of the country particularly in Sanaag. It is the tallest mountain in all of Somalia with an elevation of 2,460 meters or 8,070 feet. The prominence of Mount Shimbris is 1,495 meters or 4,905 feet. Mount Shimbiris is part of the Ogo Mountains and to get there, you won’t be able to use a vehicle. Yes, getting there requires a bit of walk but tourists are allowed to camp within the area which adds to the adventure.


5. Cal Madow

After Mount Shimbiris, another mountain in Somalia is Cal Madow. Cal Madow also belongs to the Ogo Mountain range and sometimes, the locals call it in different names – Al Mado, Calmadow, Al Medu or Al Madow. This mountain has an elevation of 2,410 meters or 7,907 feet. Hiking is the main activity in this mountain and if you are a mountain trekker, you will really have so much fun in this place. The mountain is well-vegetated and there is wildlife within too. You must also visit the Lamadaya waterfalls situated somewhere in Cal Madow.


4. Hargeisa Provincial Museum

Hargeisa Provincial Museum is among of the places to visit in Somalia should you decide to go there and do a bit of adventure exploration. The museum was set up back in 1977 and it is situated within the Woqooyi Galbeed district. It is the pioneering museum in the whole country after its independence in 1960. But the 1988 civil war took a toll on the life of the museum. At the moment, it is being slowly restored. Look at the picture below before it was destroyed.


3. Mogadishu Cathedral

The Mogadishu Cathedral is one of the cathedrals in Somalia which is situated in Mogadishu. Actually, this cathedral is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mogadiscio. It was built and finally completed back in 1928 with a Norman Gothic architectural design. Islamic radical groups tried to totally damage the cathedral back in 2008 and they partially succeeded. After that, people are using the cathedral as a camp. So in 2013, after an inspection by the Diocese, plans of restoring this once grand place of worship went into works.

Mogadishu Cathedral

2. Laas Geel

Laas Geel or Laas Gaal is a very historic landmark and one of the places to visit in Somalia and even in Africa. The place is a cave which contained rock drawings of Africa’s long-horned cattle. These paintings on the rocks inside the cave are believed to be from 9000 BC up to 3000 BC, at its earliest period. A French archaeological team discovered these valuable and historical paintings in 2002 – something the team didn’t expect because they were digging for rock shelters.

Laas Geel

1. Lag Badana National Park

There are only five national parks in Somalia and the Lag Badana National Park is the most visited park in the country. It is a popular tourist attraction and one of the sights to appreciate in Somaliland if you want to see how their nature looks like in its rawness. The whole park has an area of 3,340 square kilometers or 1,290 square miles. It is not that big but the great thing about Lag Badana are the plants thriving within it.

Lag Badana

  • Ravindra Kadam