6 Places to Visit in Comoros

Top Places to Visit in Comoros

Comoros is not your typical African country for a holiday. There is no abundance of tourist attractions in the area but they do have four lovely islands that you can explore on foot once you are there. These four islands are the Grande Comore, Moheli, Anjouan and Mayotte. The latter is still being governed by France. Nevertheless, there are at least six wonderful attractions that are worthy to be visited. These six destinations are listed here in this Comoros travel guide with hopes that you might want to see it in person.

6. Ntingui

Ntingui is one of the places to visit in Comoros as it is a wetland reserve. The whole tourist attraction is a forest mountain in the country. Climbers say that Mount Ntingui is a bit challenging to conquer since the trail going up is very steep. The mountain is too tall, actually, but it is the highest mountain peak in all of Comoros towering at 5,231 feet or 1,595 meters. Once up there, the view of all four Comoros islands can be seen with such clarity.


5. Ujumbe Palace

Ujumbe Palace used to be the home of the Sultans who ruled Comoros back in the day. They called the place the “Palace of the Sultans” since this was the residence of royals for hundreds of years. At this time, if you plan to visit, the Ujumbe Palace is in ruins. But the Comoros government has made it a project to restore and revive the old splendor of this Swahili-type castle. Actually, the World Monuments Fund has Ujumbe Palace on their World Monuments Watch list which means the place is on its way to physical redemption.


4. Centre National de Documentation et de Recherche Scientifique

The Centre National de Documentation et de Recherche Scientifique or the CNDRS in Comoros is a museum which aims to identify and appreciate everything about the cultural and natural heritage of Comoros and its people. The Centre was established back in 1979 and is still open for public viewing. This is one of the places to visit in Comoros and if you do decide to come here, remember that they have office hours. They are half day on Fridays and Saturdays. From Monday to Thursday, they are open 7:30 am to 4:45 pm with lunch break.


3. Moheli Marine Park

Moheli Marine Park is another tourist destination in Comoros and it is situated in Moheli or as the residents calls it – Mwali. The island on which the marine park is on happens to be the smallest of all the islands in Comoros. Anyway, this is the first marine park and also the pioneering protected site in Comoros as of 2001. The ten towns surrounding the park are supportive of the site’s preservation project for sustainable development.


2. Nouvelle Mosquee de Vendredi

Nouvelle Mosquee de Vendredi is perhaps the most beautiful mosque in all of Comoros. The country was once governed by Sultans and Muslim leaders so naturally, there will be mosques in all the islands. Their top mosque in Ngazidja, the largest island in Comoros or the Grande Comore, is the Nouvelle Mosquee de Vendredi. The exact date of the mosque’s establishment is unknown but the architectural design was inspired by 11th century Comoran structures. It is one of the places to visit in Comoros, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


1. Mount Karthala

The most popular tourist destination in Comoros is Mount Karthala. This is a volcano and it is the tallest volcano in the country. In fact, Mount Karthala is the tallest peak in all of Comoros and it is an active one as well. The volcano is elevated at 7,746 feet or 2,361 meters. It also has the same prominence. It last known activity and eruption happened sometime in 2005 and 2006. These eruptions were not massive but the residents had to evacuate the area because of the poisonous gas it emitted.


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