5 Places to Visit in Republic of the Congo

Amazing Places to Visit in Republic of the Congo

Republic of the Congo in Africa is not your regular vacation spot. You will have to rough it up in there if you are keen on visiting the place. As for its man-made and natural attractions, there are not many but the country has at least five places to go to if you are a tourist. Just be sure to always have a tourist guide with you for personal reasons. Anyway, here are five attractions in this Republic of the Congo travel guide.

5. National Museum of Congo

National Museum of Congo or the Musee National du Congo is located at Kinshasa in Brazzaville, the capital city of the Republic of the Congo. They call this institution a specialty museum and it is one of the places to visit in Republic of the Congo by foreign tourists. Travelers rank this establishment as 4 out of 5 stars which mean it has a very high standing. Inside the building, you will find various relics concerning the Brazzaville culture and everything you need to know about their heritage.

National Museum

4. Pointe Noire

Pointe Noire is one of the towns within the Republic of the Congo and it has quite a number of places to explore. It is the second biggest place after Brazzaville and it is a commercial area. Pointe Noire has a railway station that is the city’s landmark and the fishing industry is very common in this area which means that Pointe Noire has nice lakes and some beach resorts too. As for its hills, Pointe Noire which means Black Point has short plateaus that can be sightseen as well.

Pointe Noire

3. Basilique Sainte-Anne-du-Congo de Brazzaville

One of the places to visit in Republic of the Congo is the Basilique Sainte-Anne-du-Congo de Brazzaville. This is the topmost tourist attraction in the capital city of Brazzaville because it is a place of worship. It doesn’t mean that since it is a Roman Catholic basilica, Muslims are not welcome. Every person from all walks and religion are invited to enter the Basilique Sainte-Anne-du-Congo de Brazzaville. The church was established in 1943 and was designed by architect Roger Erell. It is the most beautiful man-made structure in the country.


2. Lake Tele

They call this lake “in the middle of nowhere” and this is true. You have to pass by a lush forest and walk a bit in order to reach this breathtaking lake. It is a swampy walk all throughout. If you are not fit enough to endure the walking and trekking challenge, it is best to stay at your hotel. But if you are learned on life of the jungle, just proceed with caution. Gorillas, chimpanzees and a whole lot of wild animals live within it. Some tourists enjoy the lake from above and don’t bother walking all the way. And yes, you might see the monster of Lake Tele, if you are lucky.


1. Loufoulakari Falls

Loufoulakari Falls is the topmost tourist destination and one of the places to visit in Republic of the Congo. The waterfalls are 80 kilometers away from the capital city of Brazzaville. This specific waterfall just happens to be cascading due to the conflux of Congo River and Loufoulakari River. The only way for you to visit this particular tourist site is if you have a tour guide with you – for practical and safety reasons. The whole area is spectacular. Don’t attempt to go to the place without certifiable company.


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