5 Places to Visit in Liberia

Best Places to Visit in Liberia

Liberia is a country in Africa that is worth visiting. You can expect quite a number of forested attractions in Liberia and some wetland destinations. If you are looking for an adventure, long drives to and from tourist sites and a little bit of dirt and fun on the way, Liberia is the country for you to visit in Africa. You will see beautiful jungles, different species of mammals in an untouched jungle, national parks filled with wildlife and vegetation plus bodies of water like falls and lagoons. This Liberia travel guide enumerates the best places to visit in the country.

5. Liberian National Museum

The Liberian National Museum is a tourist attraction in the country and one of the places to visit in Liberia. It is a national museum located at Monrovia in which UNESCO and the Liberian Ministry of Education provide funds to for the obtaining, preservation and exhibit of Liberian cultural relics and historical remnants. During the Liberian Wars, the national museum was prone to looting – over 5,000 relics were stolen and never recovered. The only positive thing that came out of this is the fact that the museum contained evidence of the war itself which added to its tourist value.

National Museum

4. Kpatawee Waterfall

Kpatawee Waterfall or the Kpatawee Falls is another tourist destination situated in Bong County of Liberia which is 32 kilometers away from Gbarnga and 160 kilometers away from Monrovia. It is a bit of a travel but going to the destination is an adventure too – you will see lots of things along the way before you reach to the attraction. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. When you reach the place, you’ll say that everything about the travel is all worth it. Colored butterflies, jungle frogs and different birds are everywhere. Trees are green and abundant, and the waterfalls provide a stream of serenity.


3. Lake Piso

One of the places to visit in Liberia is Lake Piso. The locals call it the Fisherman’s Lake and it is also sometimes referred to as Lake Pisu. The lake is actually a lagoon which is located at the Grand Cape Mount County if Liberia. The lake has a length of 19 miles or 31 kilometers with a width of 10 miles or 16 kilometers. Anyway, activities like fishing, swimming, canoeing and water skiing are fairly common in the area. Lake Piso is also recognized as part of a wetlands site – the only site of that importance in Liberia.

Lake Piso

2. Lofa-Mano National Park

Lofa-Mano National Park is the other half of the two national parks in Liberia. This national park is located within Liberia but near the border of Sierra Leone which is another country in Africa. The whole national park has an area of 2,300 square kilometers or 890 square miles. The most abundant forest in Liberia which is untouched belongs in the Lofa-Mano National Park according to forest experts. It is also adjoined with Gola Forest of Sierra Leone.

Lofa Mano

1. Sapo National Park

Sapo National Park is the most popular national park in Liberia. Actually, Liberia only has two national parks – the Lofa-Mano and the Sapo National Parks. The Sapo National Park was founded back in 1983 and it is being managed by Forestry Development Authority. This park is in the Sinoe County of Liberia and has an area of 697 square miles or 1,804 square kilometers. The Conservation International observed that Sapo National Park has the highest “mammal species diversity” in the entire planet.


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