15 Places to Visit in Uganda

Best Places to Visit in Uganda

Uganda is not really a tourist hub in Africa, but if you give this place a chance, it can be your adventure getaway. Most everything in this country is about natural tourist attractions which are often unspoiled by men. Truly, the things to see here are beautiful, alive and majestic. You will see lake wonders, game reserves, animal sanctuaries, forest reserves, waterfalls, and a lot more. For more details, here is a Uganda travel guide so you can plan your Uganda vacation today.

15. Lake Mutanda

Get a glimpse of a fresh water lake in Uganda called Lake Mutanda – it is one of the places to visit in Uganda. Going southwest of the capital named Kampala will bring you to this freshwater lake. This lake shimmers in the foothills of the Virunga mountain range at 1,800 meters above ground. One can enjoy the sights of the three mountains called Muhabura, Sabinyo, and Gahinga when you stand on this lake. You can also see animals like the Crested Crane and Kingfisher birds.

Lake Mutanda

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