15 Places to Visit in Gambia

Amazing Places to Visit in Gambia

Why is Gambia a worthy place to spend time in when you are in Africa? For one, Gambia is the tiniest country in all of Africa but even if it is so little, it boasts of tourist attractions in like every thirty minutes that you travel. Second, Gambia is culturally-inclined. You will see people that are proud of their heritage. Lastly, Gambia is pure and unexplored as compared to other African countries. And what better way to explore it? Just use this Gambia travel guide to find out the best places in this country.

15. River Gambia National Park

The first place to go to when you are in Gambia, Africa is the River Gambia National Park. According to the IUCN or the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, the River Gambia National Park is a Category II National Park with an area of 585 hectares and was founded back in 1978. It is one of the places to visit in Gambia. Chimpanzees have been reintroduced in the national park in ’79 – some of them are pretty aggressive which is why entrance to the park must be guided at all times.

River Gambia National Park

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